Monday, October 22, 2012

Rescued by Arlene Lam, Kristin N. Hamm, Dawn Austin

Synopsis: Amelia has a problem: she is set to marry a man twice her age and though she does not love him, she aims to please her domineering aunt and do what is expected of her. This changes when she meets Jordan Bradford, her handsome white employer.

A man with everything—Jordan Bradford is interested in Amelia instantly and cannot for the life of him figure out why she lets those around her treat her as they do. He is determined to make her see herself worth but never dreamed that the pretty little maid could cause him such grief. Yet as time passes and they encounter each other more it is near impossible for him to keep his hands off the brown-skinned maid.

My thoughts: Love it, love it, love it! We are presented to Amelia, a colored young woman that works as a maid at Jordan Bradford’s house, but she never really saw him since he was always traveling abroad. Amelia takes care of his little sister Georgia, a smart girl that sometimes advices Amelia.
                Unfortunately, life for her isn’t perfect. Mistreated by her aunt and set to marry an old, grumpy man, Amelia doesn’t know what is to be able to make her own choices. Until Jordan comes home. They start seeing each other, but she knows that they would never work out.

                What I liked the most is that this romance isn’t like 50 Shades of Grey, it doesn’t talk only about sex etc, it has a story. You get angry at Jordan for being blind about his feelings, you feel sorry for Amelia because she knows that they would never get together in a time when segregation and racism were very strong and common. It’s sweet and soft, romantic but not dumb; it has some sensuality in it, but it’s very subtle.
                Jordan and Amelia go through a LOT to finally understand that they love each other despite their differences. Actually, she realizes before him. He shows her that she has a voice that was meant to be heard and she showed him that he was able to love again after a tragedy in his previous marriage. A new fact turn their life upside down, as Amelia tries to hide it and Jordan finds out and get really pissed about her attitude.

                A character that really amused me was Georgia. Despite of her age, she is extremely smart and wise, sometimes wiser than the adults. She is sweet and clever, and I loved her crazy temper. Really recommend it and you can find it as ebook at
               And last, but not least, the cover. It’s a pretty simple one with the couple together, but she seems to be trying to run away, whether is because she knows they can be together whether is because she has something to hide – feelings, etc. Their skin tone is exposed in order to show their social differences at a times of segregation – as I already said. Really liked it, but it isn’t my favorite one.