Monday, August 1, 2011

Dracula In Love by Karen Essex

Synopsis: This variation on Bram Stoker’s Dracula tells the story from Mina Murray Harker’s point of view. As a child, Wilhemina was given to strange dreams and sleepwalking, which so alarmed her parents that at age seven she was sent to a boarding school for young ladies to “learn to control herself and her urges.” And she did become a proper young lady, with a proper fiancé, a young solicitor named Jonathan Harker. But the bewildering dreams continue, and one summer, which she is spending in Yorkshire with her friend Lucy Westerna, she sees a mysterious shipwreck at Whitby. After that the dreams become more like memories, and a presence, which she cannot see, follows her. Essex, who has been praised for her historical novels, has drawn a detailed picture of England at the end of the nineteenth century, including some of the horrendous psychological practices introduced from Germany. Essex’s twist on Stoker’s plot is sufficiently original, and the quality of her writing makes this novel stand out among the vampire offerings.

My thoughts: What a marvelous reading! We are presented to Dracula by the girl of the story: Mina Harker. With her, we discover an entirely different point of view of The Count. If you read Dracula, you probably thought that he was an ugly, mad and evil vampire; but after you read Dracula in Love you will wonder if you were correct. In this book, we are presented to a totally different Count, one that had fell in love and have been waiting for seven hundred years for his love to accept him again. With a lot of sexy scenes and romantic quotes from our handsome and rich Count Dracula, this is a “must read”, especially if you read the original Dracula and want a different way of thinking. Mina goes through many situations – from being attacked by a lunatic while sleep walking to find out that she is half immortal (SPOILER). The book shows us that maybe the Count wasn’t a vampire at all: just an eternal Merlin! With an astonishing end, Karen Essex shows us that even immortal beings are able to love someone and wait for them.

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