Monday, October 3, 2011

Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev

Synopsis: Beatrice Shakespeare Smith's search for her stolen companion has brought her travelling company far from the stage of the Théâtre Illuminata. With the power of her words, Bertie can reshape reality, but the magic is wild and defies her attempts to control it. The Pirate's time is running out and Sea Goddess will not give up her prize willingly.

My thoughts: In this one, we are presented to a new adventure and new characters like the sneak-thief, the scrimshander – that has a very special connection with Bertie – and The Sea Goddess that in the previous book had kidnapped Nate – the handsome and protective pirate from The Little Mermaid. In this book, they get out of the Théâtre and into the new world and this time, there are no scene changes, no plot nothing at all. She has as companions the four inseparable and hilarious fairies and the air elemental, all from Shakespeare’s works.

                She also finds out that her words have incredible powers out of the theater, and when she finds a journal about her story – the story that she has been trying to discover for more than fifteen years – everything that she writes there becomes true – most of the time in a very complicated and funny way. Her goals in this book are:

1)      She needs to save Nate from The Sea Goddess no matter what;

2)      She has to find her father and bring him to the theater;

3)      She needs to choose between the Nate and Ariel, the air elemental.

Most of them, she can get through with a few scars but one of them in going to require a lot more than just words, magic and blood to help.

                The only bad thing, though, was that during the reading, there were many scenes were it was very confusing, because you couldn’t know if she was imagining the Théâtre, if she was inside it, or if it was just your tricky imagination. Anyway, I loved it in everyway possible, even though I had a few difficult parts to comprehend.


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