Sunday, January 5, 2014

All Smiles by Stella Cameron

Synopsis: What Meg Smiles lacks in wealth she more than makes up for in audacity and determination, both quickly harnessed when Jean-Marc, Count Etranger, and his sister take up residence next door. Now gainfully employed as companion to the count's madcap sister, Meg discovers it is not her charge who occupies her thoughts, but the older brother. When Meg becomes the victim of a series of strange accidents, Jean-Marc vows to ensure her safety, even if it means keeping her close to him day and night.

My thoughts: What made me get through this book was that I liked Meg and Jean-Marc, but that is all. The edition that I got had maaany mistakes in vocabulary, grammar and so on, making it sometimes difficult to understand.

                What was all that shit with that Spivey ghost?! I thought it was ridiculous and it got worse at the ending when the author herself wrote to the reader saying “please don’t get offended by him and blah blah…” WHAT?! The ghost itself was unnecessary and her little note was even more unnecessary! So did that thing that Meg did to get out of irritating situations, she get into a trance or something. Girl, instead of getting into nirvana, why don’t you face all your crap and try to solve it?? Please!

                I liked Desireé as well. She had guts enough to do whatever she wanted to and she ended up as the new regent of her kingdom – since she is a princess – and she is a joy because she is funny and smart. Sybil – Meg’s sister – is nice too, and it really cheered me that in the end she showed her strength and faced her cousin, that she showed that she wasn’t that submissive as everyone else thought – and that includes me, I have to confess. Jean-Marc was cool too. He is a sexy character, as all those characters from novels that you buy at the grocery store at your way home.

                Another thing that got into my nerves were the macho characters such as the ghost and William – Meg’s cousin – because they had extremely stupid thoughts – that women should stay at home, and be prude… We should do what we wanted without judgment from guys like these! Even though the story happens during the XVII century, their talk stroked me hard because nowadays there are still guys like this!

                All in all, I was kind of disappointed with this one… I was so happy that I was getting the hand in choosing books! L


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