Saturday, July 19, 2014

Milkrun by Sarah Mlynowski

Synopsis: "Milkrun" -- a novel about drinks, dates and other distractions -- is the fun and compelling story of hyperactive 25-year-old Jackie Norris. Her luck with dating is analogous to riding the bus: intending to take the express, but finding herself on the painfully long local. In "Milkrun," we see Jackie doing the Singles Scene: going to bars, meeting men and making up her own -- hilarious! -- dating rules. Join Jackie on her mission as she deals with life's many problems...and discovers what she really wants.

My thoughts: I laughed my heart out on this one, I gotta tell you guys! Very, very funny! Every page was a different laughter. Jackie Norris is one of the most neurotic characters I’ve ever seen! If a man touched her arm by accident – there he wants to marry her and have kids and live in a beautiful country house with a dog. If another one offered her a drink – there he was going to say that he fell in love with her at first sight and was not going to lose her. I mean, come on! You’re not the hottest girl on the neighborhood, and even if you were, you don’t’ have to be so neurotic about every man! LOL That was a thing that kept me thinking for a while: she was so desperate to find a guy to be with her that she wasn’t trying to improve herself, or to love herself first. It seemed to me, after I finished the reading, that only by finding a boyfriend you’ll find true happiness, reminding me of those 50’s vision that only with a husband and kids you can call yourself a happy woman. I think that:

1)      You got to love yourself

2)      By loving yourself and being happy with it, whatever comes next – man, boyfriend, husband, kids, dog and house – is just the profit.

3)      If you love yourself first, your man will respect you enough. You don’t need his approval for anything!

                This book has a quick and different rhythm, always bringing different reactions. I can’t tell how many times I screamed and squeaked while reading it – my brother saw me and was worried with my sanity, so you can get the picture here.

                Jeremy was a douche. My Goddess, how could she get such a guy as her boyfriend? What kind of man makes a girl give up on her master’s degree?! Or makes her move to Boston with him only to tell her “well, you see, I’m going to Thailand by myself, because, you see, I’m kind of lost and need to find myself…” WHAT?! I mean WHAT?!?! Did the doctor hit your head on the wall when you were born and your insides got jumbled?!

                From all her friends, the one that I thought was different from everybody else was Wendy. She is focused on her stuff and she took a lot of pressure before breaking down.  I’ll sound self-centered now, but I think liked her the most because she reminds me. :P

                One of the guys Jackie dates was a pain in the ass, gotta tell ya. At the beginning he was cute with his e-cards he sent to her at her work, but after a while… SWEET JESUS HOW THAT WAS ANNOYING! >:(

                I didn’t like the ending. I was expecting so much from it, and then got… that. I wanted to know with whom she was going to hook up with, and it didn’t tell! But it was kind of predicted, at least for me. I already had my bets on whom she was going to get together with – and I’m not going to tell who! You’ll have to read and see for yourselves. So the ending was expected and unpleasant. I had actually thought that it might had a sequel, but to my despair there isn’t: what you see it’s what you get. And I was expecting more at the end. No more complaints regarding the insides because I had a good deal of laughs, I really only disliked the end.


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